Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Restaurant Man Power Consultancy

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Interior and Architectural Assistance

Gone old days thought about hotels and restaurants “home away from home”. Well, we do not think it’s the same now. Your customers would like to have a different dining experience and not the same experience what they have back home anymore. When you think about experience and you go deep on the word “experience”, it is all about where to eat, what to eat and what to expect from that restaurant. Your mise en scene is your first impression on your customers and then followed by your food and service.
Our research tells that well planned restaurant interiors contribute maximum share in its success and growth. Planning your restaurant interior design consulting begins with market research, continues with understanding market trends and concludes with strategic execution.
Your restaurant interiors do not cost million dollars but depends on your consumer trends and the location that you are placed. Restaurant interiors must be unique and must create identity and must create emotional attachment between your restaurant and the customers. Your restaurant design must create a different flavor, flare, feel and experience. Your restaurant interior should contribute to all the senses of your diners. PLEASE DO NOT MISS OUT AN OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE OUT OF THE BOX IDEAS WHICH WILL GIVE EXCELLENCE AND MILEAGE TO YOUR RESTAURANT BUSINESS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.
Your restaurant architecture is highly important for your restaurant success too. Even though interiors come under architecture and contribute towards over all look and feel of your restaurant. It is the architecture which always gives well defined restaurant plan. Do not make mistakes to get into the shape and size which is readily available and compromise on your dream restaurant. Our experts architects have planned restaurants of all sized and shapes and have been unique in each projects that we have delivered. As our experience, a well planned restaurant must have good entrance; provide shelter at the entrance, have a easy to access entrance door, indicate clearly where the entrance are and indicate working hours, Proper parking facilities nearby to the entrance and view of the entrance from the parking to attract the customers, plan a proper exhaust solution, service area solution, garbage storage and disposal solution, Fresh air solution, lighting and power solutions, landscaping solution, making use of maximum natural resources, Plan according to vastu and feng shui for prosperous business results, signage display and on- sight brand marketing solutions. Contact us today!